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Product Image (B08R72C98_T)

Smart Learning Robotics IOT Kit For Starters To Advance Level Users

Price: 3899 INR/Pack

SMART LEARNING: Smart Learning Robotics IOT comes with all the components required to learn at basic to advance levels. 4 ROBOT CARS can be built like (1) Line Following Car (2) Obstacle Avoidance Car (3) Light Following Car (4) Bluetooth Controlled Car

Product Image (RS3669)

4S 10A 18650 Lithium Battery Protection Board

Price: 205 INR/Piece

This protection board is suitable for 4 series Li-ion cell. Adopt a precision integrated circuit for fast and safe charging. Support overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, and short circuit protection. This product has gone through load and ageing test for quality assurance.

Product Image (B01F17CG3_0)

Ultimate Uno R3 Kit Compatible With ARDUIN0 IDE

Price: 4500 INR/Pack

Version 3.0 REES52 - Ultimate Uno R3 kit compatible with Arduino IDE Note: The kit includes REES52 Uno R3 which is a compatible Uno R3 board. Kindly check the listing picture for details. The user guide and Source code are to be downloaded using the link provided with the kit. Skill level: Beginners to advanced level

Product Image (QD001)

Quadcopter Using APM2.8 and Controlling Via FlySky FSIA6 Receiver

Price: 1750.00 - 1800.00 INR/Pack

Quadcopter Frame 1 set FlySky FS-i6 2.4G 6CH AFHDS RC Transmitter and Receiver 1 Propellers (with nuts and screws) - 2 sets 1000 Kv Brushless Motor 4 3500 mAh Lipo Battery with Dean Female Connector 1 APM 2.8 Flight Controller with Frame (with Jumper wire Female to Female) 1 ESC 30A with Bullet connector and Dean Connector 4

Product Image (ARDUINO KIT)

Rfid arduino Starter Kit

Price: 1950.00 INR/Kit

Package List:1x REES52 Board Compatible with Arduino IDE1x RC522 RFID Module1x RFID ID Round Tag1x RFID ID Card1x Ultrasonic sensor1x ADXL3451x servo1x PS2 Joystick1x IR receiver1x Remote controller1x Dot-matrix display2x 74HC5951x DHT-111x DC Motor1x L9110 motor driver1x Relay1x LCD16021x 7-Segment Display1x Four-digit segment display1x Active buzzer1x Passive buzzer2x Thermistor2x Photoresistor1x LED bar graph1x 4*4 Matrix keyboard2x Switch1x RGB LED8x Red LED2x Green LED2x Yellow LED2x Blue LED16x Resistor(220)10x Resistor(1 k)5x Resistor(10 k)5x Capacitor(104)2x Capacitor(10uF)4x Button(large)4x Button(small)1x Button cap(red)1x Button cap(white)2x Button cap(blue)2x NPN Transistor(8050)2x PNP Transistor(8550)2x Potentiometer(10K)2x 1N4148 Diode2x 1N4001 Diode1x Battery holder1x Breadboard1x USB Cable40x M-M Jumper Wires20x M-F Jumper Wires3x F-F Jumper Wires1x Header(40pin)1x Band Resistor Card1x Project Box

Product Image (pico kit)

Raspberry Pi Pico Ultimate Starter Kit

Price: 1695.00 INR/Kit

Ultimate Raspberry Pi Pico Kit Contains over 320 items and 113 online projects for all Arduino and Raspberry Pi users, from beginners to advanced programmers 320+ Items Besides the Pi Pico board, it also comes with an ESP8266 module for projects involving the Internet of Things. There are all the necessary components included: Sensors (MPU6050, DHT11, Ultrasonic, etc), Actuator LEDs, I2C LCDs, Servo Motor, and Pump, etc Pre-soldered Raspberry Pi Pico Included The Raspberry Pi Pico is a high-performance microcontroller board with flexible digital that features the RP2040 with a dual-core ARM Cortex-M0+ processor Provided 113 Projects This Pi Pico Kit contains 113 professional projects of varying complexity. In each lesson, we provide circuit diagrams, a description of how it works, and an explanation of the code 3 Programming Languages Raspberry Pi Pico Ultimate kit features three programming languages to meet the needs of programmers of every level: 59 MicroPython lessons, 38 lessons in C/C++, and 16 lessons in Piper Make.

Product Image (B08T9M5QL_8)

Mastering Adruino Uno All In One Adruino Kits 100 plus Components

Price: 5423 INR/Pack

Learning/Skill Level: (Beginner to Advanced / Master) With tutorial user manual containing PDF Lesson,code,Libraries,CD/DVD, and so on. All components compatible with Uno R3, can be used directly. Package includes: Individual components in retail box, starter guide and source code to be downloaded using the link provided in the kit, parts reference chart and list for easy identification.

Product Image (B07BVWP1V_X)

ARDUIN0 Kit With RFID And Bluetooth Compatible With Arduino IDE

Price: 2379 INR/Pack

1 x Active Buzzer 1 x Passive Buzzer 1 x 8 X 8 Matrix 1 x Sound Sensor 1 x Water Level Sensor 1 x DHT11 1 x RGB LED Module 1 x Relay Module 1 x1602 Blue LCD 1 x UNO R3 Board 5 xT actile Switch With CAP 1 x Potentiometer 1 x SG90 5 x LED (RED, GREEN, YELLOW) 1 x IR Transmitter and Receiver 3 x LDR 1 x Transistor 1 x Vibration Sensor 1 x 9V DC jack 1 x 4 Digit 7 Segment Display 1 x 1 Digit 7 Segment Display 1 x Stepper motor 1 x 830 Point Bread board 30 x Resistor - 30 PCs 1 x Matrix Keypads 1 x ULN2003 1 x RTC Module 1 x Joystick Module 1 x RFID - 1 x IR Remote 1 x 65 Pcs Jumper 10 x Jumper wire (M-F) 1 x A-B USB Cable

Product Image (B09SBJ2B5_P)

UNO R3 Board Starter Kit 30plus DIY Projects Video Tutorials

Price: 2099 INR/Pack

Kit comes with Free Video tutorials This kit includes Beginner to Advance level projects. Learn how to solve real world problems by making DIY projects. One can understand fundamentals of circuit connection, application and use of sensors. With the guidance of video tutorials one can learn Coding.

Product Image (B01KNR581_U)

Super Starter Kit For Uno R3 Compatible With Arduino IDE

Price: 2199 INR/Piece

Detailed STEP-by-STEP high-quality video tutorial. You cannot go wrong with a line-following robot car anymore. Make the car in under 15 minutes. We have simplified the parts used and pre-soldered the L293D analogue pins, and DC motor wires to make it simple for assembly. The included battery holder has an ON-OFF switch with a DC jack, so forget about fitting a separate switch and save time. Download instructions about source code and circuit diagrams are provided with the kit.

Product Image (B07VGR1K7_V)

ABC Kit Compatible With Raspberry Pi 4B 3BPLUS 3B 3APLUS 2B 1BPLUS 1A Zero W Zero

Price: 2625 INR/Pack

ABC kit for Raspberry all models. Comes with a high-quality graphic pdf tutorial which can be downloaded. Check out for brand name REES52, in the retail package to verify the authenticity of the product. 250+ page detailed project tutorials with colourful graphics, connection diagram, components list and code explanation Compatible models - Raspberry Pi 4B 3B plus 3B 3A 2B 1B plus / 1Aplus / Zero W / Zero. (NOT included in this kit) Package Includes Individual Components in retail box, Starter guide and source code to be downloaded using the link provided in the kit, Parts reference chart and list for easy identification.

Product Image (B07D3NFB7_H)

Project Basic R3 Starter Kit Compatible

Price: 1439 INR/Pack

REES52 - Project Basic Starter Kit with compatible Uno r3 for beginners Check out for brand name REES52 in the retail package to verify the authenticity of the product Note: Includes ARDUIN0 Uno r3 board - high-quality compatible Uno R3 board. Kindly refer listing picture for details. Skill level: Beginners/starters

Product Image (RS4764)

Waveshare ENC28J60 Ethernet Board

Price: 565 INR/Piece

The Waveshare ENC28J60 Ethernet Board contains an Ethernet port and converts Ethernet input into SPI. It is ideal for connecting microcontrollers to the Ethernet network. The board is based on Microchips ENC28J60 integrated circuit and it can be used to provide internet connectivity to microcontroller systems like Arduino boards over Ethernet. Since the board is small in size and it supports SPI, it is applicable to a variety of projects.

Product Image (PICOW)

Raspberry Pi Pico W Latest and Original Development Board

Price: 650 INR/Piece

Network your Pico for a complete IoT solution. Raspberry Pi PicoW comes with a fully certified module on board featuring 2.4GHz 802.11n wireless LAN, making it the perfect solution for loT applications and projects requiring wireless communication

Product Image (B0BDFVL6F_X)

Raspberry Pi Pico W Ultimate Starter Kit 450 and more Items

Price: 6999 INR/Pack

450 and more Items: Aside from the Pi Pico W boards, all the necessary components are also included. Provided 117 Projects: The Pi Pico W Kit contains 117 professional projects varying in complexity. 3 Programming Languages: MicroPython, C/Cplus plus, and Piper Make.

Product Image (901023)

pir motion sensor

Price: 65 INR/Number

Operating Temperature -15C ~ +70C Power Consumption 65mA TTL Output 3.3V, 0V Delay Time 5 300S (Adjustable) Range (approximately 0.3Sec 5Min) Lock Time 0.2sec Block Time 2.5S (Default) Can be made a range (0.xx to tens of seconds Trigger Methods L Disable Repeat Trigger, H Enable Repeat Trigger Sensing Range Within 7 meters, less than 120 Angle Sensor <110 Cone Angle Shipment Weight 0.008 kg Shipment Dimensions 11 7 1 cm